Gluten Free
WOW! Itís Not

A New Tasty and Healthy way of preparing food and vegetables.

Everyday more and more people are looking for ways to eat right, lose weight stay healthy and still maintain pleasure in the foods they eat. Due to an increase of health issues for example, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease and many more people are searching for ways to eat better.

It gives me great pleasure to announce Josie's Coat of Oats.
Join me in trying this incredible and delicious product which contains gluten free oats and all natural spices.
What People Are Saying
Coat of Oats is a healthier and tastier alternative to regular breadcrumbs. It also serves as a delicious substitute for people who have to eat Gluten free products. I have tasted her product when she made chicken cutlet and eggplant parmigiana and it was soooo good. I have used it when I made fried chicken cutlets (Yummy) and am excited to try it in different recipes. Josephine takes pride in everything she does and I wish her, "well deserved" success!!!
~ Linda Pojero
One day she prepared eggplant parmigiana for lunch. It was so good that I had a second serving. So she then asked me if I tasted anything different about the Eggplant, and my response was 'no'...why? She then gave me a sample bag of her 'Home-made Crumbs made with Oats. I was like 'wow'!... I would have never was delicious!!

~ Joanne Ruzzo