A New Tasty and Healthy way of preparing Meat
and Vegetables.
Josie's Coat of OatsEveryday more and more people are looking for ways to eat right, lose weight stay healthy and still maintain pleasure in the foods they eat. Due to an increase of health issues for example, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease and many more people are searching for ways to eat better.

It gives me great pleasure to announce Josie's Coat of Oats. Join me in trying this incredible and delicious product which contains gluten free oats and all natural spices.

I grew up in an Italian household. In most Italian households the woman cooked from scratch. When my mother cooked I watched her with enthusiasm. At such a young age I enjoyed cooking. At that time I realized that I wanted to cook just as good. I always tried different ways of cooking with different spices.

When I became unemployed in 2011, I spent more time at home and became more creative with cooking and preparing healthier meals. I wanted to come up with a healthier diet for my family and me.

About six months ago, I realized that I used breadcrumbs on most everything I cooked, including vegetables. I began to mix different ingredients together. Breadcrumbs are carbohydrates which turns into simple sugars if you don't exercise it’s stored as fat. Everyone will tell you to stay away from white foods. Whites are carbohydrates and we all can live without them. Breadcrumbs are tasty, but not as healthy and tasty as Josie's Coat of Oats.

Josie's Coats of Oats consists of no white products.

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and have been on a diabetic diet. My diet does not let me eat too many products made with white flours. I cook with my Coat of Oats and my diabetes has been controlled and I'm living a normal healthy life.

When you hear healthy you think, not so tasty. My product is not only healthy but it is very tasty with natural ingredients. All I ask of you is to try it and see for yourself. I think you will love the taste and texture when you cook with Coat of Oats. As the saying goes “try it you will like it”.

Remember the most important thing with Josie's Coat of Oats, it is very healthy and is gluten free.
Try it and enjoy a much healthier way to cook for you and your family.